Carleo Legal Nurse Consulting

Carleo Legal Nurse Consulting has a cumulative 40 years of clinical experience specializing in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, emergency medicine, and operative recovery. We employ experienced and expert nurses that have undergone a natural transition into the field of legal nurse consulting. From the beginning of a case, we help attorneys strategize by providing merit reviews, analyzing and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each medical malpractice case. We support you through depositions and trial to help you succeed. We are honest and objective with a “tell it like it is” approach.

    • I have had the pleasure of dealing with Susan Carleo as a legal nurse consultant on some very complex medical cases. She has provided thorough liability analyses that have allowed me to decide at an early stage whether to take or reject potential malpractice cases without the expense of a formal review.

      Most importantly, she tells it like it is, instead of saying whatever the patient or lawyer might want to hear. I have come to trust her analysis and judgment and would recommend her most highly.

      David L. Murphy, Esq. Rochester, New York

    • Susan Carleo is a highly qualified and thoughtful expert witness with deep knowledge of the medicine involved in many types of complex medical malpractice cases. She has proven indispensable as a consultant for me and my colleagues on matters such as mishaps during invasive procedures, anesthesia errors, hospital protocol failures, and medication and documentation issues. She is honest, thorough, responsive and reliable. These qualities make her a credible and respected expert witness at depositions and trials. I recommend Susan without reservation.

      Danielle George, New York, New York

    • I have engaged Susan Carleo RN as a nursing expert/reviewer in several matters in the past 2-3 years. She is without a doubt the most thorough reviewer that I have dealt with probably ever. In short, I would highly recommend her as an expert/reviewer.

      John R. Butz, Esq. Springfield, Ohio