Legal Nurse Consultant FAQ

Because you can count on us to give you an objective opinion based on the medical facts. If your case lacks merit, we will tell you why. We’ll point out the strengths of a meritorious case and help plan your strategy. Since medical records form the basis of claims Carleo Legal Nurse Consulting provides you with an analysis crucial to developing a winning case.

When you have a question about a case, call. When you get a new case, call. When you feel like you are struggling with a medical issue, call. When you are looking at a pile of medical records and don’t have the time to go through them, call. When you need a well-qualified expert, call. When you are getting ready for a difficult deposition of an expert, call. When you are preparing for trial, call.

Carleo Legal Nurse Consulting can provide support for attorneys in Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Nursing Home, Product Liability and Workers Compensation cases with:

Strategic medical record analysis:

  • Screen cases for merit
  • Develop chronologies
  • Prepare medical summaries and timelines
  • Identify the critical issues in the medical records
  • Research medical literature to support your case
  • Identify missing records
  • Find inconsistencies that expose weaknesses
  • Explain injuries and their long-term impact on your client
  • Explain relevance of past medical history and pre-existing conditions on your case
  • Identify potential defendants and types of experts needed
  • Discuss likely defenses
  • Obtain life care planners for medical cost projections
  • Attend DMEs
  • Prepare pain and suffering reports

Trial Support:

  • Develop deposition/cross examination questions
  • Summarize depositions
  • Organize and index records to prepare you for trial
  • Locate and prepare testifying experts
  • Testify as a nurse expert fact witness
  • Create visual presentations to illustrate complex material
  • Accompany and support you at trial

You know what you need to prove in court. We can pinpoint:

  • Medical evidence to support your case theme
  • Gaps or inconsistencies in expert reports
  • Identify records and documents needed during discovery
  • Expose breaches in care or regulations
  • Explain the impact of the injuries to the patient’s quality of life
  • Identify which medical experts are needed in your case
  • Experienced legal nurse consultants are an integral part of your legal strategy and make you smarter than your opponent

Yes. We understand many attorneys prefer having experts in close geographical proximity. We will find the best expert for the case based on your preference.

Never. We provide services only to attorneys. Our legal nurse consulting code of ethics does not permit us to work with people who have not retained an attorney. We do refer people to attorneys for consultations.

Often. That’s what they are there for. At any time there is movement in your case, such as conducting discovery, taking depositions, drafting documents or preparing trial exhibits. When it is time to assess economic or non-economic damages, your consultant can be a valuable resource.

Yes. You often need to explain complex medical conditions, timelines, and charts to a jury. We create trial graphics to help you tell your story. PowerPoint presentations, charts, and other visuals support you in making your case to a jury. We use Lexis/Nexis TimeMap timeline visuals to simplify multiple case facts making them clear and understandable.

Before you file a suit, Carleo Legal Nurse Consulting can provide a deeper understanding of the medical issues, their impact on your client, advise you on liability causation and damages, and where the case pitfalls may lie. Don’t get blindsided by unforeseen issues after you file.

Yes. While we prefer 4-6 weeks to give your case the due diligence it deserves, we understand urgency may be needed in some cases. We can meet all deadlines. We only charge a rush fee when we have to.

  • Experience. The legal nurse consultant has an extensive background of clinical experience, which includes interpretation of medical records, documents, and medical-legal issues.
  • Resourcefulness. The legal nurse consultant possesses a network of medical and professional resources and contacts.
  • Knowledge. The legal nurse consultant has a thorough understanding of medical issues and trends related to the total litigation process. The legal nurse consultant is able to customize the case for the attorney, the client, and jury.

Board certification is available to legal nurse consultants through the Legal Nurse Consultant Certified (LNCC®) program. Similar to clinical nursing certification, LNCC® certification demonstrates that the RN has met experience and education requirements and has passed the certification examination.

The LNCC® program is accredited by and meets the rigorous standards of the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC), an accrediting body for specialty nursing certification programs.

Legal nurse consultants who have achieved the LNCC® credential have demonstrated knowledge, experience, and commitment to this nursing specialty.

The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the professional enhancement of registered nurses practicing in a consulting capacity in the legal field. Founded in 1989, AALNC serves as a resource to its members and provides a forum for education and the exchange of information. The AALNC Code of Ethics and Conduct provides guidelines for professional performance and practice that affirm the values and practices of the American Nurses Association.

LexisNexis CaseMap is software to store and retrieve evidence and sources of evidence in litigation. It includes spreadsheets for facts, issues, documents, physical evidence, depositions, pleadings, persons, organizations, places, and other types of data. CaseMap sorts the facts by date providing a chronology of the medical facts.

LexisNexis TimeMap simplifies multiple case facts into clear, understandable timeline visuals that allow all parties to quickly grasp vital facts. It creates timelines for depositions as well as courtroom exhibits and graphics. TimeMap impresses opponents, judges, and juries as you present a myriad of complex case facts in a polished, professional manner.