Our Process

Process of what an attorney can expect from our legal nurse consulting servicesContact us to discuss the case and your needs. Let us know the time frame you will need the case reviewed by. We will send you a letter of agreement stating what you need to be done and the time frame our review will be completed based on your needs. We will give you an estimated number of hours to complete our review. We ask for a retainer to be applied towards the review. If there is a retainer fee remaining after the review it will be returned to you. You may send the medical record with the signed letter of agreement and retainer. We will let you know when the case arrives. We will stay in touch with you throughout our review for questions and keep you up to date.

Our Medical-Legal services include:

  • Case consultation
  • Client interview for merit
  • Case merit review
  • Chronology
  • Verbal report
  • Written summary report
  • Medical literature research
  • Locate, obtain & prepare experts
  • Deposition questions
  • Trial questions
  • Trial preparation & support
  • Preparing settlement/demand letters
  • Attendance at IME with written report
  • Expert fact witness (telling the jury your client’s story)
  • PACU expert